Hi! I'm Julien Widmer.
Web Developer

Who is Julien?

I'm 18-years old, in love with pizza & movies and I like to inspire myself from TED talks. In my free time I go to music festivals with friends, I'm skiing or coding. I also enjoy travelling around the globe and meeting new people.

Why Web Developer and Multimedia Producer?

Passionate about IT since my young age, I have always enjoyed testing things such as new operating systems and new devices. My dream as a kid was to become a developer and after learning with books and websites, I can now proudly say that I'm on track and I joke about the fact that I can speak more than 8 languages! (French, English, German, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and Swift)
I find really interesting how visual content can affect our perception and feelings. I like to create logos and videos and that's how I found my dream job: mediamatician! It's a profession that has been created in Switzerland which gathers marketing, multimedia and IT.


Firm's website

Screenshots from set24

With my friend Benoit Perret, we redesigned the website of a SME based in Lausanne (Switzerland) with Responsive Design in mind. We used a Bootstrap layout and we implemented a very user-friendly CMS for static websites named SiteCake.

Live preview


Personal website

Screenshots from Beta

When I'm working on projects I want to access them at any time and test them without setting a web server. My solution has been to create an area with restricted accesses and permissions for each user. The final result was to use PHP and a database to check the user's rights.

Live preview


Application's website

Screenshots from Melove

It became common to find websites introducing new applications. Melove is based on "visual first" and shows screenshots and features of a new dating app with a very small text amount. The main goal is to push the user to download the app through a CTA (Call-To-Action) button.

Live preview

Dropdown menu

Free download with comments

Screenshots from my dropdown menu

This was the first dropdown menu I've created and which is perfectly fitting to mobile devices. The final result is available for free in a .ZIP folder with comments and weights less than 3 KB! I've made it in 2015 and I'm planning to create an improved version in 2017.

Live preview


I'm always looking for new challenges so if you want to work with me, feel free to send a message.